Free Google Play Games app for Android

Download the free Google Play Games app for Android tablets and phones

Google Play Games is a free app for Android that lets you find new games, see achievements and scores, and play with your friends. You can join multiplayer games, compare scores, and see what games your friends are playing.

Download and Install Google Play Games for Android

Here's how you can download the free Google Play games app for Android phones and tablets.

1. Go to the Google Play page.

2. Tap the Install button.

Google Play Games Off to a Great Start!

Google has done a great job for gamers on Android with Google Play Games. It seems to hit all the sweet spots (multiplayer, scores, play with friends, find new games, etc.) and should become an important resource for Android gamers.

It does remind me a little bit of Apple's Game Center app on iOS. That's not a bad thing though as Game Center works very well for connecting and playing with friends. I think Google Play Games goes it one better though in terms of game discovery, it seems a little easier in that sense than Apple's Game Center.

The cumulative rating on this app as I write this is 4.9, so there are already a lot of satisfied users out there. Kudos to Google.

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