Linux Mint 15 KDE video review, screenshot tour and download links

Today in Open Source: Linux Mint 15 KDE is out! Plus: Take a screenshot tour, watch a video review, and download Linux Mint 15 KDE

Linux Mint 15 KDE Features and Download Links

Linux Mint 15 KDE has been released, and it's a great option for Linux Mint users who prefer the KDE desktop. The default version of Linux Mint 15 uses the Cinnamon desktop environment. It's a fine choice too, but it's not for everybody. KDE has much to offer, and many people prefer it to Cinnamon (or even to MATE).

KDE is a vibrant, innovative, advanced, modern looking and full-featured desktop environment. This edition features all the improvements from the latest Linux Mint release on top of KDE 4.10.

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Here are two torrent links to download Linux Mint 15 KDE. There are non-torrent download links available on the release announcement page linked to above.

Linux Mint 15 KDE 32-bit Download

Linux Mint 15 KDE 64-bit Download

Here's a quick list of new features and changes in Linux Mint 15 KDE:

KDE 4.10


Software Sources

Driver Manager

Software Manager

System Improvements

Artwork Improvements

Upstream Components

Here's a list of system requirements to be aware of before doing an install:

x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).


8 GB of disk space

Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution

DVD drive or USB port

If you have a previous version of Linux Mint KDE installed, be sure to read the upgrade instructions.

Be sure to check the Linux Mint forums or community site if you run into any problems with Linux Mint 15 KDE.

Linux Mint 15 KDE Screenshot Tour

The Coding Studio has a screenshot tour of Linux Mint 15 KDE. Be sure to check it out if you want a peek at what Linux Mint 15 KDE has to offer.

Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution whose goal is to provide a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components.

More at The Coding Studio

Linux Mint 15 KDE Video Review

JtheLinuxguy has a review of Linux Mint 15 KDE on YouTube, and it's very positive.

The KDE edition of Linux Mint 15 is finally upon us! In this video I give it a review and show off some of its features.

More at YouTube

I know there are some excited Linux Mint KDE users out there today. If you haven't used it before, I recommend giving it a try. It's a live distro, so you can boot off a disc and run it without installing it. That's a good way to get a taste of Linux Mint 15 KDE without having to do a full install.

What's your take on Linux Mint 15 KDE? Will you be running it on your computer? Tell me in the comments below.

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