Fedora 19 Schrodinger's Cat (Meow!) Reviews

Today in Open Source: A roundup of of Fedora 19 (Schrodinger's Cat) reviews

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Hectic Geek also notes the lack of codecs in its review, though it focuses more on resource usage and hardware performance. It's interesting to note from this review that Fedora 19 seems to take longer to boot up than Ubuntu 13.04, and it uses more more memory (roughly 16% more).

That doesn't surprise me though, Fedora has always seemed a bit more hungry for system resources than Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Given the power of today's computers, I doubt it will be much a hurdle for users who still want to run Fedora, but if you're on an older computer or a netbook, you might want to take that into consideration before installing Fedora 19 on your system.

If you are looking for a GNU/Linux distribution that puts a very strong empathize on ‘GNU’ philosophy, that gives a beautiful, virgin, GnomeShell desktop (it has other desktops based separate disc images) and willing to go through a slight hassle while installing ‘proprietary codecs’, then Fedora 19, unlike its predecessors, is a very stable and a responsive OS that is well worth trying.

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Overall, the review buzz about Fedora 19 seems fairly positive. I don't see anything in this release though that would shift users away from Linux Mint, Ubuntu or even Debian and over to Fedora. But Fedora devotees will probably want to upgrade to Schrodinger's Cat.

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