Ubuntu versus Linux Mint: Who's the desktop champ?

Today in open source: Linux Mint takes versus Ubuntu on the desktop, linux distros battle for tablet supremacy, linux is here to stay

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The Staying Power of Linux

Some have questioned the ability of Linux to survive over the long haul. Christopher Cox puts those fears to rest by pointing out the usefulness of Linux in his own life. I'm inclined to agree with him, Linux has proven itself again and again. I suppose the naysayers will continue to badmouth it, but Linux isn't going anywhere. Thank goodness for that.

But look at today... now my switches run Linux, my storage subsystems run on Linux, my phone runs on Linux. Yes, it's not just about a kernel anymore, it's a platform... no... it's a solution provider! Because of Linux, we have solutions. And not just solutions, but lasting solutions because you see, Linux is also about freedom and primarily about the GNU Public License which protects intellectual property and preserves it indefinitely. This is something that proprietary licensed software does not have today. In other words, not only is Linux at the heart of all solutions today, it's also not going to fade away due to corporate impropriety, mistakes or acquisition.

Linux is here. It's here to stay. And it just keeps getting better and better everyday. I am proud to be a contributor of software and solutions built on top of Linux.

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