How Linux can turbocharge your career

Today in open source: Learn how Linux can give your career a jumpstart, look out for smokin' hot Unix chips, and download Linux kernel 3.9 -- you know you want to.

Linux developer jobs and Open Source

Linux developers are in demand, there's no doubt about that. If you're just coming into the job market, you can buff up your credentials by becoming an open source developer.

Linux Career has a good look at the benefits of working on open source development projects. The article also includes links to useful sites that will help you gain real world experience developing Linux projects.

If you want to be a real asset for a potential employer it is crucial that your education be complemented with practical experience. An involvement and contribution to a F/OS project gives you such opportunity. The enormous learning experience you gain is irreplaceable.

By working for a F/OS project you are building your portfolio of work accessible through the Internet to potential employers. Your achievements and help are always acknowledged, therefore employers that search for job candidates on the Internet are very likely to come across your name.

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Unix chips upgrade

Faster Unix chips are on the way from Oracle, Fujitsu and IBM. Good news for Unix hardware over the long term.

Oracle is leading the charge, with the expected announcement of its new SPARC M6, which Oracle describes as a “next-generation processor for massively scalable symmetric multiprocessor data center servers”.

Fujitsu’s joint venture with Oracle, code-named Athena, brings its own SPARC64 X+, the successor to its current SPARC64 X, which supports up to 16 cores and a maximum clock speed of 3.0GHz.

IBM has already released Power servers for small-medium businesses at the beginning of the year. Current Power7+ processors contains up to 8 cores. IBM has already announced the Power8 chip as being made using the 22 nanometer fabrication.

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Linux kernel 3.9.9

The latest release of the Linux kernel is available for download (version 3.9). You can download it from Softpedia. There's nothing electrifying in it, but it could be useful for those needing updated and improved drivers.

Linux kernel 3.9.9...includes a couple of ARM fixes, x86 and s390 fixes, mac80211 driver improvements, and various updated drivers.

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