Will Apple launch a 13-inch iPad soon?

Today in Apple: A 13-inch iPad? Plus: iWork '14 release date, and a keyboard cover for the iPad

A 13-inch iPad Coming Soon?

MarketWatch is speculating that a 13-inch iPad might be launched at tomorrow's iPad event.

Apple has scheduled a product-announcement event for tomorrow. My expectations are that the products announced will be mostly evolutionary, but there is a dark horse that can change the game for tablet computing. The dark horse is a 13-inch iPad that is a replacement for full-fledged laptops. If this dark horse appears, the technical setup in Apple stock is such that the stock can easily rocket to $600 and beyond.

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I think there's a definite possibility that we'll eventually see a 13-inch iPad, but tomorrow seems a bit soon to me.

If they were making one, I think we'd have some valid leaks available somewhere. I haven't seen anything like that though it's possible I just missed them.

We'll find out at the iPad event very soon.

iWork 2014 Release Date

Macworld speculates on a possible release date for iWork 2014.

The last version of iWork for Mac - Apple's answer to Microsoft Office - was released well over four and a half years ago, on 6 January 2009. Since then the company has introduced versions of the apps for iOS, and added compatibility with iCloud, but apart from that Apple's office suite has been untouched.

Apple has sent out invitations to a press event tomorrow, which is expected to focus on the next versions of the iPad and iPad mini. Could we hear about the next version of iWork as well?

More at Macworld

I certainly hope there's something about iWork tomorrow. Geez, four and half years is an eternity not to update an office suite. It's amazing to me that it's taken this long for Apple to update it.

Come on Apple, give us a new iWork.

iPad Keyboard Cover

CNet says that Apple may release a keyboard cover for the iPad that is similar to the one Microsoft created for its Surface tablets.

Apple may take a page from Microsoft in cooking up a whole new keyboard for the iPad.

A case for the full size iPad that mimics Microsoft's Touch Cover has been prototyped, former Apple employee Jamie Ryan said in a blog post Saturday. Ryan said he wasn't clear whether the development is far enough along for Apple to unveil the new case at Tuesday's launch event. But he claimed that different style cases have been in the test phase for a while and that Apple is also working on various accessories.

More at CNet

A keyboard cover could be a very good idea, depending on how well it is implemented by Apple. I'd certainly consider using it if it was designed well.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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