How to get iOS 7 features on Android

Today in Open Source: Get iOS 7 features on Android. Plus: Kwheezy 1.2 review, and excitement over Valve's SteamOS announcements

iOS 7 Features on Android Devices

CNet has an article that shows you how to get iOS 7 features on your Android device. In some cases Android already had the feature (or something very similar), and in others you can achieve the same thing by using Android apps.

You could say iOS 7 is revolutionary -- in the world of Apple. For several iterations now, Android users have had access to some of iOS 7's most heralded features, leaving some avid fanboys going pfffftttttt.

But maybe you've taken Android's offerings for granted. Maybe you overlooked these now-glorified features. Maybe it took the release of iOS 7 to appreciate just how plentiful your Android phone really is.

So, it's time take a little inventory. At the risk of igniting a flame war, let's look at iOS 7's best features, on Android.

1. Control Center

2. AirDrop

3. Camera Features

4. Fully Featured Multitasking

5. Notification Center

6. Audio Calls Over FaceTime

7. Safari Gets Smarter

More at CNet

Kwheezy 1.2 Review

Kwheezy is an interesting blend of Debian Linux and the KDE desktop environment. I did a full review of it on Desktop Linux Reviews. If you're a KDE/Debian fan and you want a full-featured distro, you might enjoy Kwheezy. It comes bundled with a lot of software.

I’m impressed with Kwheezy, although it’s only at version 1.2 it’s clear the developers have put a lot of thought into this spin of Debian. Kwheezy will be particularly appealing to those who want to combine the KDE desktop environment with the power of Debian.

Kwheezy’s enormous range of applications is both good and bad. Those who want everything installed in one fell swoop will appreciate the convenience offered by Kwheezy. This comes at a price, however. Kwheezy takes up quite a bit of disk space after being installed. Minimalists who prefer to pick and choose which applications are installed will thus probably want to avoid Kwheezy.

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The Excitement Over Valve's SteamOS

Linux Insider takes a look at the excitement being generated by Valve's SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controller announcement. The article has a sampling of reactions from Linux enthusiasts and bloggers.

Valve cofounder Gabe Newell has made no secret of his disdain for Windows 8 and his newfound love for Linux as a gaming platform over the past year or so.

It seems fair to say, however, that few here in the Linux community expected the colossal bear hug of support Valve gave our favorite operating system last week.

First, it announced SteamOS; then it was the hardware side. Finally, on Friday it debuted the Steam Controller.

All of Valve's gaming roads appear to lead to Linux, in other words. If this is a dream, more than a few FOSS fans are hoping they never wake up.

More at Linux Insider

I don't blame people for being so excited about Valve and SteamOS. I had to pinch myself a couple of times after all the announcements were made. Remember the days of being in the gaming wilderness with Linux? Who would have thought way back then that all this would finally be happening? It's almost too good to be true.

What's your take on this? Tell me in the comments below.

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