Apple includes Multipath TCP networking in iOS 7

Today in Apple: Advanced Multipath TCP networking in iOS 7. Plus: The elusive iPhone 5S in gold, and Apple TV 6.0 released

Multipath TCP Networking in iOS 7

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has included advanced Multipath TCP networking in iOS 7. A cool feature and one that flew way under the radar during the iOS 7 media onslaught.

As its name implies, Multipath TCP allows for a connected device, such as an iPhone or iPad, to transmit data over multiple pathways simultaneously. For example, the technology allows for compatible devices to transfer data over both 3G cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The discovery was made by Olivier Bonaventure, a computer science professor at the IP Networking Lab in Belgium, who subsequently posted the findings to his personal blog.

One of Multipath TCP's benefits over traditional TCP extensions is the protocol's ability to push data through the most efficient network, which leads to fewer dropouts. If one channel fails, another will take over.

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iPhone 5S Gold Version Selling Like Crazy

The gold version of the iPhone 5S seems to be selling out all over the place. CNet is reporting that the 64 GB version has become very hard to get, with shipping times being pushed back by Apple.

The first people in line at Apple's flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue waited 15 days for the 64GB gold iPhone 5S only to find out the store had a very limited supply of that device available.

An Apple spokeswoman at the store said she didn't have information about store inventory.

Many other people in the line expressed frustration with the lack of the gold iPhone.

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I'm not enamored with the gold version at all, mostly because it's white in the front. I really dislike having white borders on a phone. Black is a better color for me because it feels like the phone fades away and you can concentrate on the app that you're using.

I guess I'm a minority on this though, since the gold version is selling like crazy.

Apple TV 6.0 Released

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple TV version 6.0 has been released. It includes iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, and the iTunes Music store.

This looks like a great update for Apple TV owners. I've been using iTunes Radio, and it's quite a nice service. You can listen to the music for free, but it's also easy to buy a song you like to l listen to later on. So it's useful in terms of music discovery.

Everyone’s favorite hockey puck “hobby” has received a huge software update today. Apple TV 6.0, which has been in beta testing since June, brings with it iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud Photos and Videos (replacing Photo Stream), iTunes Music Store, and conference room mode.

AirPlay from iCloud, which mirrors Google’s Chromecast, is a feature that must be turned on from the Settings. Once enabled, it allows you to ”use your iOS device to play videos from iTunes in the Cloud”, which means the content is streamed directly to Apple TV rather than your iOS device. This reduces local bandwidth in half, however, some users may not want the feature since Apple TV handles iCloud video streaming differently than iOS devices. On iOS, your video will start streaming immediately, but the Apple TV takes in a huge buffer which can result in a long wait before the video can start. Also of note, AirPlay from iCloud is only compatible with iOS 7 devices.

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