Do too many cooks spoil the Linux broth?

Today in Open Source: Too many cooks making the Linux broth? Plus: Wine 1.7.2 released, and screenshots of Bodhi Linux 2.4.0

Too Many Cooks Spoiling the Linux Broth?

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reported recently on ZDNet about who it is that actually creates Linux. His commentary is based on the Linux Foundation's report on Linux development.

In particular, the Foundation found that: Nearly 10,000 developers from more than 1,000 companies have contributed to the Linux kernel since tracking began in 2005. Just since the last report, more than 1,100 developers from 225 companies have contributed to the kernel. In fact, more developers and companies are contributing to Linux than ever before with Linuxkernel 3.10 seeing the most developer contributions ever.

More at ZDNet

Is it possible that Linux has too many people contributing to it? On the surface of it, I'd say no. The more, the merrier and all that. I think the sheer numbers demonstrate the passion of Linux developers and users. But some might wonder if a more focused group, with less contributors might improve the overall development of Linux. What do you think? Is the number of Linux contributors a good thing or a bad thing? Tell me in the comments.

Wine 1.7.2 Released
Wine 1.7.2 is out, see the announcement at Wine HQ for lots of details about bug fixes. A brief summation of what's new is in the quote below.

- Right-to-left text layout improvements.

- NTLM and Negotiate authentication for RPC over HTTP.

- More glyphs in the built-in Wingdings font.

- Better system tray support in the Mac driver.

- Activation context improvements.

- Various bug fixes.

More at Wine HQ

You can get binary packages at Wine HQ, or snag current source at the git repository.

Bodhi Linux Screenshot Tour

I posted about Bodhi Linux recently. The Coding Studio now has a screenshot tour that you might find interesting if you want to learn more about Bodhi. It's a fine Linux distribution, so check it out if you're in the market for a new distro.

Bohdi Linux is a lightweight, Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Enlightenment 17 window manager. This release features the E17.4 desktop, version 0.5.5 of the Midori webrowser and the 3.8 Linux kernel. If you are already a Bodhi user and have been running your system updates then you already have all these additions running on your system!

More at the Coding Studio

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