Is Elementary OS too much like Apple's OS X operating system?

Today in Open Source: Does Elementary OS emulate OS X too much? Plus: Linux 3.11 released, and Windows 10 may help Linux!

Does Elementary OS Emulate Apple's OS X Too Much?

There are a couple of interesting reviews of Elementary OS Luna. Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, and it suspiciously reminds me of Apple's OS X operating system. It seems to offer the promise of being a more design-oriented Linux desktop.

The reviews seem mostly positive though I'm not sure that Elementary OS is offering much that you can't get elsewhere. Das U Blog and LWN both have reviews. The reviews seem to indicate that Elementary OS is following somewhat in Apple's footsteps.

Overall, Pantheon is an immense improvement over the GNOME desktop in elementary OS's first release, transforming it from a derivative into something original.

All the same, elementary OS succeeds well enough in development and design that the Luna release has attracted a moderate degree of buzz. According to Foré the new release had some 120,000 downloads in the week after its release, while lead developer Cody Garver notes that the project has some 40 contributors, of which 10-15 are regular committers. By any standards, the project has become a respectable size, and appears to be growing steadily.

More at LWN

Based on the numbers mentioned in the LWN review above, it seems that Elementary OS has gotten a fairly positive reception from Linux users. Does this mean that there are a lot of design-minded Linux users out there? Hmm. I confess that I hadn't thought that very likely, but perhaps a slicker Linux desktop might attract a sizable user base after all.

The Das U Blog review below directly calls out Elementary OS as being "apple-esque" in its design and workflow.

That's where my time with Elementary OS 2 "Luna" ended. Much of the rest of my experience was the same as before. The changes are mostly in the vein of Elementary OS becoming even more restrictive and demanding that users follow its workflow exactly with minimal redundant controls. These are more minor changes though compared to the major changes that appeared in the beta, so I can't say that I feel too much more strongly about this. I would just say that my opinion from last time is strengthened slightly: people who don't have too many needs and could easily adapt to an Apple-esque desktop and workflow will love this, while others will not.

More at Das U Blog

You can get a peek at Elementary OS in this YouTube video. It definitely reminds me of one of Apple's promotional videos.

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