GNOME dumps Google and goes with DuckDuckGo for web search

Today in Open Source: GNOME dumps Google from web search. Plus: Hot Tin Roof game preview, and tons of new games headed for Linux!

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As you may know if you're a regular of The Funding Crowd, this is an in-development game that's currently gathering funds at Kickstarter. Its kind developers provided me with a prototype demo of the game and so I'm going to expose my first impressions.

I fire up the demo and I am immediately greeted by an immersive score, a ringing phone, and the main character's powerful yet enticing voice as she narrates the story. That's right: she. All the inherent clichés of the genre come to an end with the two fedora-wearing feminine characters: private dicks Emma Jones -the narrator- and her partner Francine "Franky" the cat. Stereotypes make a brief comeback when Emma answers the phone call and it turns out to be their boss who orders them to go investigate a mysterious and grim murder that has occurred at the restaurant around the corner. That murder will of course lead them to an adventure with more deaths, and an ever-increasingly complex plot. I won't go into much more detail about the story, if only because I don't know it: the demo ends abruptly just when it is getting really interesting!

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As noted in the quote, the game is looking for funding on Kickstarter. So please do help out if it interests you. We should all try to support developers that are producing games for Linux, as much as we possibly can.

The game looks intriguing, I hope that the developers are able to raise enough money to finish it. The more games we have for Linux, the better.

More Games Headed to Linux Via Steam

Speaking of games, I did a quick article this weekend about a big batch of games headed to Linux on Steam.

The folks at Steam have greenlit a huge batch of games, and many will be supporting Linux! This is great news for Linux gamers, we’re living in an amazing time. Remember when there were very, very few games available for Linux? Steam is changing that, we’re seeing an avalanche of new games coming to the Linux platform.

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So far Steam is doing a great job at bringing the games to Linux. The list in the article has some great titles that we can all look forward to, so please do check it out.

As I noted in the column, game developers seem to be waking up to the need to move beyond the old Windows platform. The development of mobile gaming via Android and iOS have certainly helped make that argument. And now Linux is beginning to take off as a gaming platform, thus adding yet another non-Windows market for game developers.

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