Microsoft makes big money from Android phones and tablets!

Today in Open Source: Microsoft makes big money from Android! Plus: Mageia 4 Alpha 2 screenshot tour, and Virtualbox tips for Linux

Microsoft Rakes in the Cash from Android Sales

SJVN has a somewhat shocking article up on ZDNet about Microsoft and Android. It turns out that Microsoft is making a lot of money on sales of Android phones and tablets via patents.

As George Kesarios, a financial analyst, explained in Seeking Alpha, the financial news and analysis site, "Android was developed using technology from many different companies. When patented technology is used in open-source projects, companies really don't go after them because usually they have little or no revenue. However, when an open-source project hits the jackpot, such as Google's Android, then the companies that control parts of the technology seek royalties, because these projects make money."

So, it was that "Microsoft has taken just about the whole space to court and is milking them."

And, how much is that exactly? Kesarios works it out. "While we do not know exactly how much money Microsoft makes on average from each Android device sold, the general consensus is that Microsoft makes about $8 on average,” he wrote. “If we translate that into dollar revenue, Microsoft stands to make as much as $3.6 billion in 2013 from Android royalties (I assume Microsoft is taking a cut from 60 percent of the 750 million Android devices that will ship this year, times $8 a device)."

More at ZDNet

Wow! I vaguely remember reading something about Microsoft making some money off of Android because of patents, but I had no idea it was that much. Well, I guess you can't blame them. If they hold the patents, they have a right to profit from them.

This is somewhat amusing to me though, as I've seen a lot of anti-Microsoft vitriol from some Android users over the years. I wonder how many of them know that part of the purchase price of their Android devices goes straight into Microsoft's pockets? There probably aren't many of them who are remotely aware of this.

Aaaah well, and so it goes in the smartphone wars.

VirtualBox Tips for Linux Users has a very useful article today that covers VirtualBox tips for Linux users. The article covers installation, clipboard and drag and drop, snapshots, clones and appliances. If you haven't used VirtualBox in Linux before, this article is a great resource that will explain the basics of using VirtualBox.

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