Are Linux gamers rude and nasty to developers?

Today in Open Source: Rude and nasty Linux gamers. Plus: Disney's open source efforts, and how to pick a Linux server for your business

Rude and Nasty Linux Gamers?

I recently covered Good Old Games decision not to provide support for Linux. Network World published a related article that outlines one of the problems with developers and Linux gamers. Some Linux gamers can be a bit too passionate in their defense of Linux, and their reactions to developers can err on the side of rudeness.

This is where another problem within our greater open source/Linux community rears its ugly head - whenever someone talks about having a hard time figuring out how to support Linux without losing money, the mob tends to get angry and hurl insults at the speaker.

If you look through the comments you'll find many along the lines of "their argument is just stupid," "It's bull**** and they know it," and "they just want to be a-holes is all." There are not a lot of constructive ideas or suggestions on how to achieve profitability by packaging and targeting for Linux desktops.

These two issues join forces to create a sort of "super-problem."

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I believe that folks who engage in such behavior are not representative of the entire Linux gaming community at all. Most gamers seem to appreciate efforts being made to develop games for Linux, or even companies that haven't made a decision but are considering the Linux gaming market.

We need to make sure that we are offering whatever support we can to developers, and we also need to understand that they have to have a viable business model to survive. If they can't make a profit, they will be hard pressed to continue to develop games for Linux.

So please be positive and helpful if a company disappoints you. In the short term that company may not release games for Linux, but they may reconsider over the longer haul if the Linux gaming community offers useful feedback and advice.

Disney's Open-Source Cloud

Venture Beat has an interesting article about Disney's videogame division's decision to use a blend of OpenStack and Cloudstack for their cloud needs.

But instead of going with one vendor or open-source environment, the video game division of the Walt Disney Co. created a solution stitching together some OpenStack and some Cloudstack, said Peter Lopez, Disney Interactive’s system architect, at CloudBeat 2013 today.

Disney Interactive comprises a portfolio of game studios it has gradually acquired, Lopez said. So its cloud must be needs to support applications built in multiple environments.

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