Tips to use less data on your Android device

Limit the amount of data your Android device consumes

Here are some helpful tips on how use less data on your Android device. These tips will help stop you from exceeding your data plan's limits, and they could save you money.

1. Restrict Google Play Auto-updates

Go to Menu, then Settings, then Auto-Update apps to adjust Google Plays auto-update settings.

2. Adjust Data Settings for Apps

Change your in-app settings to prevent apps from automatically updating themselves.

3. Restrict Background Data Usage

Go to Settings, then Data Usage. You can see which apps have been consuming data. Choose the Restrict Background Data option for those apps.

4. File Preloads

When you have access to a WiFi connection, try to load up as many files as you can. This will cut down on your cellular data usage when you are out and about.

5. Don't Auto-Sync Data

Go to Settings, then Data Usage, then Menu and deselect the Auto-Sync Data option. You'll need to manually sync your accounts but it will prevent syncing from increasing your data usage.

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