Did Apple disappoint customers with Black Friday gift cards?

Today in Apple: Apple's Black Friday deals may have disappointed customers. Plus: iOS users search heavily for Black Friday deals, and is the Mac Pro too expensive?

Apple's Black Friday Gift Cards

Apple has offered gift cards to its customers on Black Friday, according to the LA Times.

The Cupertino, Calif., tech giant is offering customers store gift cards with their purchases. The value of the gift card varies depending on the product customers buy.

Users who purchase any Mac computer will receive a $150 gift card while customers who purchase an iPad Air will receive a $75 gift card. For those who get an iPad 2, an iPad mini or an iPod Touch, Apple will throw in a $50 gift card. Lastly, customers who purchase an iPod nano will receive a $25 gift card.

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I suppose it depends on whether or not you'd want to spend the gift card money on Apple products anyway. If so then I don't think it's all that bad of a deal, though I can also understand disappointment on some people's part who might have wanted a direct price discount instead of the gift cards.

Still, Apple is Apple and they do what they want to do. I doubt the gift cards will really affect sales one way or the other during the holiday season

iOS Users Search for Black Friday Deals

Speaking of Black Friday, MarketWatch is reporting that iOS users account for a large number of Black Friday sales searches online.

Owners of iPhones and iPads pay a premium for their Apple devices, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking to save a few bucks elsewhere. In fact, though Android devices outnumber those running iOS, Apple users were four times as likely to search for Black Friday deals, new research finds.

U.S. consumers using Apple’s iOS operating system drove 19% of online sales compared to 5% for Google’s Android.

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This seems to fit into previous media reports about iOS devices being used online more than Android devices. So it makes sense for iOS users to comprise a larger number of Black Friday deals searchers.

Is the Mac Pro Too Expensive?

Macworld has some thoughts about the cost and overall value of the new Mac Pro.

Using iMac-based estimates when necessary, I calculated that the final cost of my “minimal” Mac Pro setup would land well north of $5000, not including sales tax. That’s much more than I paid for my old Mac Pro setup, and it’s way beyond what I would be willing to pay for a machine that isn’t essential for the work I do. Consider this: For about the same price, I could buy two 27-inch iMacs, each with 1TB Fusion drives, plus two iPads. And if you decide to go beyond a minimal Mac Pro setup, the cost soars even higher.

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Well, let's face it folks. The Mac Pro is aimed at the bigger-budget type users in the professional market. Apple doesn't seem concerned about price being an issue for that market. Unless you really must have the power of a Mac Pro, the iMac or Macbook Pro are probably better bets.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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