Steve Jobs and ARM saved Apple from certain doom

Today in Apple: Read how ARM and Steve Jobs helped save Apple. Plus: Apple beats Android in ad impressions, and OS X Mavericks problems

Steve Jobs and ARM

The Register has a fascinating look at how Steve Jobs and ARM helped to save Apple from almost certain destruction.

Although Acorn was one of ARM's original funders, it was actually their chip design and Apple's ill-fated Newton that gave birth to the company. "Apple, looking for a processor for that particular design, hit on Acorn's processor and loved it," Shore said. "They wouldn't buy it from Acorn because Acorn was a competitor in the education market, so between them they cooked up this plan to found a separate company to give Apple access to the design."

That separate company was ARM. "It's interesting to see that ARM had three founding fathers, if you like, or three parents – Acorn Apple, and VLSI – and we've actually outlived two of those," Shore said. "Acorn and VLSI are no more, and we've arguably saved the third."

When discussing his company's 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, Shore revealed that ARM-licensee Apple's implementation of it in its A7 processor came as a surprise to many at ARM. "Our fruity friends earlier this year stunned the world, actually, and stunned most of ARM's employees, in fact, by releasing the latest version of the iPhone supporting and including a 64-bit processor," he said. "They'd done that incredibly secretly and ended up stealing a march on the whole of the rest of the industry. It was quite a staggering achievement, to be honest."

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The article also gives a great overview of the history of ARM and its evolution as a company. Be sure to click through and read the entire article. It all seems like it was destined to happen when we look back at it, but it certainly wasn't the case at the time. A very interesting historical look at how Apple and ARM prospered together.

Apple Beats Android in Ad Impressions

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple is beating Android when it comes to ad impressions on its devices.

For the third quarter of 2013, worldwide ad impressions recorded from devices running Apple's iOS doubled those from rival Android, one report says, once again suggesting higher Web engagement from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

According to fresh data from ad buying platform and mobile DSP Adfonic, Apple's iOS accounted for 63 percent of all global impressions during quarter three, a three percent boost from the quarter previous. Despite having a vastly larger marketshare, Android dipped six points to finish the three-month period with a 32 percent ad impression share.

More at Apple Insider

Wow. It looks like there are about five people out there using Windows mobile devices. I guess Apple and Android don't have too much to worry about in the short term there.

OS X Mavericks Problems

Ars Technica has been running OS X Mavericks for a while now and has a list of problems with it.

Brand-new software is rarely perfect, and the latest version of OS X is no exception. While Mavericks ushers in a number of desirable features and improvements to the operating system, those features don't always work exactly as advertised. Now that the software has been out for about a month, we thought we'd round up our most pressing gripes, in part to bring them to your attention and also because complaining can be pretty cathartic.

More at Ars Technica

My own experience with OS X Mavericks has been quite good. But it might be worth checking out the list at Ars Technica to see if they mention any problems you might have experienced. Hopefully Apple will release fixes for any bugs and headaches soon.

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