Will Apple offer 4K displays soon?

Today in Apple: 4K displays may be on the horizon for Apple. Plus: Download Infinity Blade free, and Nokia mocks the iPad

Apple and 4K Displays

Apple might be preparing to offer 4K displays based on AU Optronics panels, according to Mac Rumors.

But the recent introduction of new 27-inch and 32-inch 4K display panels from AU Optronics (via Reddit and AmongTech) is sparking speculation that Apple could yet have a display announcement in the relatively near future.

Also in question is whether Apple would even use 16:9 3840 x 2160 panels for a 4K display, as some have suggested that the company may prefer to push Thunderbolt 2 to its limit and support the wider 4096 x 2160 "Cinema 4K" standard given that the display will undoubtedly be targeted at professionals.

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Based on the production dates listed in the article it seems a bit early to worry too much about this. But I've been waiting for a retina-level iMac screen for a while now. So it would be very nice indeed if something like this were to happen.

Yes, there's no doubt that Apple would probably target the professional market first. But at some point home users would also probably benefit from higher resolution screens in their iMac computers.

Download Infinity Blade Free for Thanksgiving

The first Infinity Blade game for iOS is a free download for Thanksgiving week.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! The original mobile blockbuster is FREE for a limited time. Download the award-winning Infinity Blade now!

For untold ages, the God King has ruled with an iron fist - his power is incalculable; his followers, legion. Now you must journey to the Dark Citadel to battle his Titans, one by one, until you face the tyrant himself. As it has been for all in your bloodline, this is your birthright - to free your people from an endless legacy of darkness. The immortal can be vanquished - but only if heart, mind, and steel are one.

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Nokia Ridicules iPad Lack of Keyboard

Apple Insider is reporting that Nokia is touting an ad that ridicules the iPad for not having a keyboard.

While the iPad itself is not named in the commercial, the narrator, who is voicing the main character's thoughts, says his new tablet is "thinner than a pencil" and "has been to space."

At first, the new owner acts smug with his purchase, noting that everyone wants one, while pooh-poohing the need for a keyboard. Things take an immediate turn, however, as we see our iPad-toting protagonist at a local coffee shop, frustrated that the tablet has no keyboard attachment.

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These sort of commercials seem quite insipid to me. Is there anybody out there who doesn't know that you can get a keyboard case for the iPad? I just bought a nice one from Logitech for the iPad Air: The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air.

So far it's worked very well for me, and I was able to choose it from among a number of different vendor options. Frankly, I'd rather that Apple didn't include a keyboard as it would probably just raise the cost of the iPad Air and it might not even be a keyboard that I like.

I doubt Nokia will win over many iPad converts with their commercial.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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