Apple may include video previews of iOS apps in the App Store

Today in Apple: Clumsy Ninja game gets video preview in iOS app store. Plus: Apple versus Samsung, and some iWork missing features put back

iOS App Store Video Previews

Apple has included a video preview of the game Clumsy Ninja in the iOS app store. This might mean that the company is readying to eventually include video previews for all apps.

After years of requests from third party developers, Apple has included the first video preview of an app within the App Store: a minute long "trailer" promoting featured app Clumsy Ninja.

Despite currently being limited to just one Editor's Choice game, the Clumsy Ninja video preview offers new hope to developers that Apple may finally allow them to promote their titles in the App Store with more than just text, static graphics and screen shots.

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I'm glad to see this, but it seems like it may just be hand-picked apps that get video previews for a while. It doesn't sound like Apple is quite ready to roll this out for all apps in the iOS app store.

Apple Versus Samsung Jury Award

The jury verdict is in for the Apple versus Samsung case, and it's not a good one for Samsung according to the San Jose Mercury News.

With a fresh $290 million jury verdict in hand, Apple (AAPL) got exactly what it wanted from a federal jury Thursday in its continuing patent feud with archrival Samsung -- another stern message that copying iPhone and iPad technology comes with a steep price.

On the third day of deliberations, an eight-member jury awarded Apple $290 million in damages in the latest round of its legal battle with Samsung, close to the amount the Silicon Valley tech giant sought for Samsung's copying of the iPhone and iPad in 13 Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Given this verdict, it should be very interesting to see if Samsung copies Apple again if the Cupertino giant eventually releases an iWatch. Samsung's watch doesn't seem to be selling well, so they might very well be tempted to copy Apple again if the potential profits can exceed the potential jury award in another lawsuit.

Apple Updates iWork to Include Removed Features

It looks like Apple didn't waste any time in putting back some of the features it removed from iWork in the last upgrade to its office suite, according to CNet.

Apple's iWork is slowly but surely getting back to its old form.

The company on Thursday updated its iWork suite with several features it took out of the latest launch. The biggest update is the addition of customized toolbars -- a feature power users enjoyed in previous versions but were sad to see go in the latest option.

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I suspect we'll see more features being added back. The new version of iWork strikes me as a full reboot, and it's clear that parts of it weren't ready to go when it was first released. Now Apple is following through and adding in the things that didn't make it into the last update.

No doubt there are a lot of happy iWork users today. You can update your iWork apps in the app store. Just go to the updates tab to see if they are available.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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