Apple's iWatch might have 1.7 inch screen for men and 1.3 inch screen for women

Today in Apple: iWatch screen sizes for men and women. Plus: The crazy Apple rumor mill, and the Mac isn't dead

iWatch Screen Sizes for Men and Women

More rumors are flying about Apple's supposed iWatch. Screen sizes may differ between men and women, according to Apple Insider.

Apple's widely rumored entry into the wearable device category will feature an OLED display and come in two screen sizes — 1.7 inches for men and 1.3 inches for women — according to one industry analyst.

The "iWatch" is rumored to carry a wide array of biometric sensors, and many believe it will function as a stand-alone product, rather than be dependent upon another Apple device in the way Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch is.

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I'd take this rumor with a huge grain of salt, just like the rest of them. There's no real way to know exactly what the final sizes and specs will be for an iWatch, assuming Apple actually releases one.

I think it rather odd that Apple would differentiate iWatch screen sizes by gender. Wouldn't it just make more sense to release two sizes and then let each person decide which size fit their wrist better, rather than designate one for men and one for women?

Not all men will want the larger size, and not all women will want the smaller size. So making the iWatch sizes gender-neutral would seem to make more sense. Somehow I suspect that that's how Apple will finally roll with the iWatch.

The Insanity of the Apple Rumor Mill

Speaking of Apple rumors, Daily Finance has a lament about them coming true.

Apple prefers to work in secrecy, and that has been a healthy strategy for Apple -- when it follows through by putting out products that wow the market. When Apple exceeds the hype -- as it did with the iPod, iPhone, and more recently iPad -- great things happen.

However, speculation has been more tantalizing than reality for Apple in recent years.

It's time for that to change, and it's time for Apple to prove that it can dream bigger than the rumor mill can imagine.

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I think people have simply come to expect regular miracles from Apple, and no company could really live up to that. Apple also takes its time when releasing new categories of products, it doesn't just pump them out to dazzle the press.

So if there's an iWatch or a TV or whatever, they will all be released only when Apple decides they are ready, and not an instant before. The rumor mill will grind on as it always does, but Apple will continue dancing to its own tune.

The Mac Isn't Dead

Macworld takes a positive look at the Mac, and realizes that it's not dead despite the onslaught of mobile devices.

Looking into the distant future, it’s anybody’s guess what’s in store for Apple’s desktops and laptops. Will the Mac and iPad remain separate, or will the the two converge into a single device?

Anything’s possible. But given Microsoft’s struggles to create a world of tablets, laptops, and desktops all running Windows 8 and 8.1, Apple’s steady approach to the Mac’s evolution seems like the right course.

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The possible convergence of the Mac and the iPad is quite a tantalizing possibility. But if it happens it's probably a few years down the road. The iPad has gotten much better with the A7 processor, but it's still not quite ready to totally replace desktop Macs for some tasks.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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