Fedora 20 beta released

Today in Open Source: Fedora 20 available for download. Plus: arkOS versus Google, and Canonical takes issue with the Fix Ubuntu site

Fedora 20 Beta Released

After a short delay the beta of Fedora 20 has been released, according to DistroWatch. You can download the Fedora 20 beta at the links below.

The Fedora Project is excited to announce the beta release of Fedora 20, code-named 'Heisenbug'. A community-produced, free, Linux-based operating system, Fedora 20 features some of the latest and best of what the open source world has to offer. The Fedora 20 release coincides nicely with the 10th anniversary of Fedora. The first Fedora release (then called Fedora Core 1) came out on November 6, 2003. Since then, the Fedora Project has become an active and vibrant community that produces nearly a dozen 'spins' that are tailor made for desktop users, hardware design, gaming, musicians, artists, and early classroom environments.

Fedora 20 download links:

Fedora-Live-Desktop-x86_64-20-Beta-5.iso (944MB, torrent)

Fedora-Live-KDE-x86_64-20-Beta-5.iso (922MB, torrent)

Fedora-Live-LXDE-x86_64-20-Beta-5.iso (699MB, torrent)

Fedora-Live-MATE-Compiz-x86_64-20-Beta-5.iso (744MB, torrent)

Fedora-Live-XFCE-x86_64-20-Beta-5.iso (636MB, torrent)

More at DistroWatch

I haven't had a chance to play with the beta, but I'll probably poke around later this week. I'm looking forward to the final release of Fedora 20. You can view a full list of changes and improvements on the Fedora 20 beta release announcement.

arkOS Takes On Google

A young programmer is going after Google with a new operating system to replace Google's services, according to VentureBeat.

For most of us, Google shutting down Reader was annoying. For Jacob Cook, it was a call to arms.

He’s now building an operating system that anyone can use to replace all of the services that Google provides — or any other cloud company, for that matter. Email, chat, file sharing, web hosting: With Cook’s arkOS, you’ll be able to run all of those essential services on a secure, private server in your own home that’s about the size of a credit card.

ArkOS is a Linux-based server operating system that’s designed to run on the popular, diminutive Raspberry Pi hardware.

More at VentureBeat

Good for him, I hope he succeeds in his efforts. Google used to be the "do no evil" company but those days seem to be long, long in the past. So it will be terrific if arkOS is able to offer a viable alternative for consumers.

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