Apple and Microsoft go to war against Google and Samsung

Today in Apple: Apple and Microsoft team up to sue Google and Samsung. Plus: Trade in your old iPad, and a teardown of the iPad Air

Apple and Microsoft Sue Google and Samsung

Apple, Microsoft and some other companies have gone to war against Google and Samsung in a new lawsuit.

Yesterday, on Halloween, a consortium of companies including Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Ericsson, and BlackBerry filed lawsuits again Android manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Asustek, and ZTE, as well as other Android manufacturers.

The lawsuit stems from over 6,000 patents acquired by Apple, Microsoft, and others from the bankrupt early mobile innovator, Nortel, for $4.5 billion in 2011.

The lawsuit is extremely comprehensive, citing no fewer than 118 claims of infringement on Samsung’s part, and no fewer than 21 “prayers for relief,” in the somewhat archaic language of the court.

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I wonder at what point Android becomes more trouble than it is worth to Google. Google itself doesn't make much money on Android, so why bother with it when they have Chrome OS waiting in the wings? Perhaps the day is coming when Google will walk away from Android.

That won't help with the other parts of this new lawsuit, but it would remove one major distraction from Google's primary advertising and search businesses.

As far as Samsung goes, it's hard to have any pity for them. At least Google can say they created Android, Samsung hasn't really done anything but ride on Google's back the entire time.

Where to Trade In Your Old iPad

With the release of the iPad Air, many iPad owners might want to trade-in their old iPads. Apple Insider has details on the best places to exchange your old iPad for cash or store credit.

When looking to swap your old iPad for credit toward a new one, you have many choices — but which is best? AppleInsider maintains a trade-in guide year-round as part of its Price Guides, which lists the many popular services and real-time price quotes. Here's how they break down in more detail.

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iPad Air Teardown

IFixit has a teardown of the new iPad Air.

It's All Hallows' Eve, the ghosts are out, and there's a spooky chill in the—nope, that's just Apple's latest ghoul, the iPad Air. Time to gut our new toy and carve it into a bone-chilling Apple-lantern.

While our cobbers down under don't celebrate Halloween quite like we do, they do live in the future, meaning they get all the fun stuff before us. So we packed a port and headed over to visit our good friends at MacFixit Australia for some teardown shenanigans. We also called on the stunning insight of our buddies from Chipworks to help identify all the fun things we found inside! We put our skulls together to show you just what confers the power of lightness.

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