Should Tim Cook be more like Steve Jobs?

Today in Apple: Is it a good thing for Tim Cook to be his own man? Plus: An iPad Air explodes into flames, and Wired reviews the iPad Air

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Tim Cook has set himself apart from Steve Jobs over the last two years. Is it a good thing for him to be his own man or should he be more like Steve Jobs? TG has four things that Tim Cook has done that Steve Jobs would probably never have done.

CEO of Apple, Inc. — Tim Cook — is his own man. He is no Steve Jobs (who is?) and has certainly done many things differently than Jobs would have. This isn't to say that Cook’s direction is poor, and Jobs was perfect. Stated another way, Apple is no longer running on Jobs’ legacy thoughts and leadership. The ship is truly Tim Cook’s to maneuver.

Four things Tim Cook did that Steve Jobs probably would never have done:

1. Non-Profit Matching Funds

2. Maps Apology

3. Going Into Debt

4. Firing of Scott Forstall

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I'm actually relieved that Tim Cook has gone his own way. It probably would have been a disaster if he'd tried to follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs. Jobs wasn't always right, and his personality, to say the least.

The non-profit matching funds showed that Cook is a caring individual, and the maps apology demonstrated that he is humble enough to admit when he or Apple is wrong. The debt issue is over my head, but the article's explanation seems reasonable to me. Getting rid of Forstall was very controversial, but it seemed necessary to me if Apple was really going to move ahead after the passing of Jobs.

So far, so good as far as Tim Cook goes. He's truly his own man, and that seems to be a very good thing indeed for Apple.

iPad Air Catches Fire

There's a disturbing report of an iPad Air that caught on fire at a Vodafone store, accoding to the Inquirer.

AN IPAD AIR reportedly exploded in a Vodafone shop in Australia, bursting into flames and causing the store to be exacuated.

News website reported that an iPad Air demo model "burst into flames" inside a Vodafone store in Canberra, Australia. The fire apparently was so severe that the fire brigade had to be called and the store had to be exacuated after filling with smoke, according to a Vodafone representative.

It's unclear what caused the explosion, but reports said that the iPad Air demo unit was charging at the time...

More at The Inquirer

The fact that it was charging makes me wonder if they were using a non-Apple charger. That might have been the cause of the fire. We'll have to wait and see when a final report is released, I'm sure Apple is already on the case trying to find out more information.

Wired Reviews the iPad Air

Speaking of the iPad Air, Wired has a review and theirs apparently didn't explode.

The iPad Air features an impressively slender form factor and, thanks largely to its A7 processor and optimizations in iOS 7, it still manages to perform twice as fast and deliver just as much battery life as its predecessor. In fact, Apple’s latest tablet, as it exists, is definitely one of the best (if not the best) tablet out there right now.

However, I can’t help but feel that it could be even better. Where’s my TouchID? How about a bigger, better camera on this late 2013 tablet? I suppose this opens the opportunity for an iPad Pro, with such premium features. Or just next year’s Air. But I can’t help but want them now.

More at Wired

Wired isn't the first review site to ask about the TouchID issue. I'm sure we'll see it added on the next version of the iPad Air. In the meantime we'll all just have to creep by using a passcode. It's primitive but it does work if you need a bit of security for your iPad Air.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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