View Google image search results by usage rights

How to filter Google's image search based on usage rights

Here's how you can quickly filter Google's image searches by usage rights. This can be a big help if you are looking for images to use.

1. Do a Google image search.

2. Click the Search Tools box at the top of the page (next to More).

3. Click on Usage Rights.

4. Click your preferred filter, you can choose from the following options:

Not filtered by license

Labeled for reuse

Labeled for commercial reuse

Labeled for reuse with modification

Labeled for commercial reuse with modification

5. Your image search will then show only the images with your preferred usage rights.

Looking for an image online that you can legally and safely use on your own Web site? Google now makes it easier to find one. A new Usage Rights filter is now easily accessible on your search results page, as tweeted by Google software engineer Matt Cutts.

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