How to free disk space on your Mac

Five ways to clean clutter from your Mac's hard disk

Let's face it, every Mac builds up clutter on its hard disk over time. It's almost unavoidable for most users. But there are things you can do to get rid of some of the junk and free up disk space on your Mac.

1. Empty all trash cans (the main one on the Dock plus the ones for iPhoto, iMovie and Mail).

2. Uninstall all unnecessary applications.

3. Clear your temporary files.

4. Analyze your Mac's disk space with the free app Disk Inventory X.

5. Remove unnecessary language files.

Each of these things might not seem important, but when you add them all together you may find that you've freed up a significant amount of space on your Mac's hard disk.

It’s 2014, shouldn’t we stop worrying about disk space? Nope, not at all! A modern MacBook might have a solid-state drive with just 64 GB of space. You’ll want as much space for your important data as you can get.

You can likely free up quite a bit of space by pruning away files and applications you don’t care about. Not everything here is obvious — did you know that each user account on a Mac has multiple Trash cans?

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