Delete apps in iTunes to recover hard disk space on your Mac

Remove apps in iTunes to avoid wasted disk space

Here's how you can delete apps in iTunes to recover lots of disk space on your Mac. You can always download the apps again later from the App Store.

1. Open iTunes.

2. Click on the Apps tab.

3. Select the apps you want to delete it and then press the delete key, or go to the Edit menu and choose delete.

4. Click the Move to Trash button.

4. Empty your trash.

I did this on one of my Macs and was very happy to get back more than 30 GB of disk space! I had totally forgotten that I even had all those apps in iTunes.

If you routinely download apps through iTunes, think twice about what you're doing. You probably have wasted a lot more space than you need to. Here's how to get some of that space back, and why it disappeared to begin with.

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