Create Chromebook recovery image

Use a USB flash drive or SD card to create a Chromebook recovery image

Here's how you can easily create a recovery image for your Chromebook. This will let you restore your Chromebook system if you have a problem.

1. Go to chrome://imageburner in your Chromebook's browser.

2. You can use an image recovery utility to create a system image on your SD card or USB drive.

3. After the image is created, you can restore your system from the "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" screen. Place the USB flash drive or SD card into your Chromebook and follow the prompts.

As solid as Chrome OS may be, like any platform there's always the chance something goes wrong and the Chromebook will not boot. It's never happened to me but I've heard from others who've had to recover their device.

The first step in recovering a Chromebook that will not boot is to create a recovery image when the device is running properly. This is a simple process built into the Chrome OS.

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