Use a bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV

How to pair a bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV

Here's how you can pair a bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV. This can make typing much, much faster than using the remote.

1. Turn on your bluetooth keyboard.

2. Go to Settings on your Apple TV.

3. Click on General.

4. Click on Bluetooth.

5. Click your keyboard on the list of devices displayed by your Apple TV.

6. Enter the four digit code that appears on the screen.

7. You'll see the word "connected" appear in the bluetooth menu if your keyboard successfully paired with your Apple TV.

Typing in characters with the little [silver remote]( that comes with the Apple TV can be painful. While the Remote app can help ease the pain, nothing beats a full blown keyboard when it comes to typing. As it happens, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV.

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