Disable or limit Twitter's photo tagging feature

How you can opt out of Twitter photo tagging

Photo tagging can be a mixed bag if you are concerned about your privacy. Here's how you can limit or disable it in Twitter.

1. Go to the Twitter Security and Privacy page.

2. Click the options link at the top after signing in.

3. Go to Settings.

4. In the security and privacy sidebar, find photo tagging.

5. Change your preference to one of these two options:

"Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos"

"Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos"

6. Click the save changes button.

Tagging photos is a feature that will likely be appreciated by a large part of the Twitter community.

You may be concerned however that the feature is abused, like it is abused on Facebook where you may be tagged in photos that you are not on to get you to look at the photo.

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