Free KeepSafe Vault app lets you hide pictures on Android devices

Keep your pictures private and hidden from prying eyes on Android

KeepSafe Vault is a free app that lets you hide your pictures on your Android device. You can also hide videos, and keep your stuff private with a PIN. The app also comes with full-screen viewing and a slideshow feature so you can view your photos easily.

Download KeepSafe Vault from the Google Play StoreFeatures:

* Hide Photos & Videos

* Easy-to-use PIN pad access

* Folders

* Un-hide pictures and videos from KeepSafe as you like

* Add pictures from Facebook app to KeepSafe

* Share pictures from KeepSafe

* Safe Send - show pictures to friends for a limited time

* Rotate and zoom features

* Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing

* Full-screen viewing

* Free slideshow feature

* Disappears from 'recent apps' list

* KeepSafe is a secret app, a simple secret box for your content.

KeepSafe Vault

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