VolksPC will run Debian and Android in one ARM-based computer

In today's open source roundup: A new distro will run Debian and Android. Plus: Android vampire apps, and take the Linux.com open source cloud project survey

There are always new Linux distributions coming to life each year. But VolksPC is probably one of the most original since it tries to combine Debian and Android in one ARM-based distribution. Yes, it will let you run desktop Debian applications as well as mobile Android apps all in one computer. This means you'll have access to the Android Market Place as well as Debian's repositories.

According to The Register:

Produced by the group that created the MicroXwin kernel-based X Windows implementation, the VolksPC distribution is designed to give users an ARM-Debian environment that supports Debian's range of desktop applications, while improving support for things like YouTube playback and HD video.

“We created a unified distribution that allows both Android and Debian LXDE/XFCE applications to run simultaneously at native speeds. On ARM, our distribution is based on a modified ARMHF Debian Wheezy rootfs”, the developers write.

More at The Register

This is certainly a unique idea, and it could be quite useful for folks that want the advantages of Debian and Android in one convenient product. You can get more information about it on the VolksPC site.

Be sure to check out the FAQ for basic information about how VolksPC works. And you can also email the folks at VolksPC if you want to contact them directly for more information.

The hardware looks rather interesting too, here's a list of the specs:

Dual core Rockchip RK3066 CPU running at 1.4Ghz.


16 GB NAND flash.

10/100 Ethernet port.

USB 2.0 x 4

HDMI v1.3 digital HD interface

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

SD /MMC/MS card reader,max capacity 32GB


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