Install Deluge BitTorrent client in Linux Mint 17

Add the Deluge BitTorrent client to your Linux Mint 17 system

Here's how you can quickly install the Deluge BitTorrent client in Linux Mint 17.

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following command then hit Enter:

sudo apt-get install deluge-torrent

The Deluge BitTorrent client provides tons of features including the following:

Core/UI split allowing Deluge to run as a daemon

Connect remotely to the Deluge daemon

Web UI

Console UI


BitTorrent Protocol Encryption

Mainline DHT

Local Peer Discovery (aka LSD)

FAST protocol extension

µTorrent Peer Exchange


Proxy support

Web seed

Private Torrents

Global and per-torrent speed limits

Configurable bandwidth scheduler

Password protection

RSS (via Plugin)

If you need assistance with Deluge, be sure to check out the support page on the Deluge site. You might also want to browse the Deluge forum to connect with other users and get help.

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