Install Wallch 4.5 wallpaper changer in Ubuntu 14.04

Add the Wallch wallpaper changer to your Ubuntu 14.04 system

Wallch 4.5 is a handy wallpaper changer that rotates your wallpapers. Here's how you can install it in Ubuntu 14.04.

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following commands then hit Enter after each:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wallch/wallch-4.0

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wallch

3. Use this command to remove Wallch:

sudo apt-get remove wallch

According to Linux G:

Wallch is an open source wallpaper changer similar to Variety. rotates the wallpapers you place in a folder, can be configured to set the Picture of the day from wikipedia directly on your desktop, has support for displaying a certain site on the desktop, this getting updated automatically at a given time interval, and last but not least, it has support for Wallpaper Clocks, a feature that displays a beautiful clock over your wallpaper.

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