Install Tint2 taskbar in Ubuntu 14.04

Use a Windows-like taskbar on your Ubuntu 14.04 desktop

Tint2 is a Windows-like taskbar that you can add to Ubuntu 14.04. It offers a panel that comes with systray, clock and battery status. You can also customize it by changing color or transparency, fonts, icons, borders or background.

Tint2 also lets you send tasks from one workspace to another, and you can easily switch workspaces. It offers multi-monitor functionality, and it lets you customize your mouse events as well. You can opt to autohide Tint2, and you can also use tooltips.

Here's how you can install Tint2 in Ubuntu 14.04.

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following command then hit Enter.

sudo apt-get install tint2

3. Click the Search icon on the Unity panel.

4. Type in "startup applications" (without the quotes) then hit enter.

5. Click the Add button on the Startup Applications Preferences menu.

6. Fill in the Add Startup Program menu and be sure to use tint2 for the command field.

7. Now log out and log back in and you should see the Tint2 taskbar at the bottom of your Ubuntu 14.04 desktop.

Tint2 can be quite useful if you are used to having some kind of panel or taskbar on your desktop. It has a classic desktop appeal to it that the Unity panel itself doesn't really offer.

Hat tip: How to Add a Taskbar to the Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04 | How To Geek

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