Sony Xperia Z3 crushes Apple's iPhone 6 in battery test

In today's Android roundup: Sony's Xperia Z3 blows away the iPhone 6 in Phone Arena's battery test. Plus: Android L might be released for Nexus 4 phones, and how to run any Android app on your Chromebook

The media has been gushing nonstop over Apple's iPhone 6, and many stories have appeared about the possibility of many Android users switching to Apple's new phone. But one Android phone has blown away the iPhone 6 in battery tests. I mentioned the Sony Xperia Z3 in a roundup last week, and now Phone Arena has very good news about the phone's battery life.

According to Phone Arena:

We are not going to mince words here - Sony is the current king of battery life when it comes to brand-name smartphones. We did our grueling battery benchmark on the Xperia Z3 over the weekend, and it broke all records in its respective category, just as we suspected it would do, given Sony's consistent performance in that department this year.

The phone lasted for nearly nine and a half hours of screen-on time when we ran our grueling battery benchmark, putting it comfortably ahead of any other flagship big-screen phone or phablet we've tested at the moment.

More at Phone Arena

The results listed in the chart look quite good for the Z3. It beats a slew of other Android phones, and absolutely crushes Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Those who purchase the Z3 are probably going to be very happy indeed!

You can get much more information about the phone on the official Sony Xperia Z3 site.

Google may release Android L for Nexus 4 phones

Android Authority reports that Google employees have been using internal versions of Android L on Nexus 4 devices.

According to Android Authority:

...there is a possibility that Google is planning to officially release Android L for the Nexus 4. According to online postings made by Google employees it looks possible that the company has released internal versions of Android L for the Nexus 4.

The comments, one which comes from a user with a email address and the other with a email address, are responses to bug reports filed against Chromium on In both cases the users mention testing various bits of Chromium functionality on Nexus 4 phones, running Android L.

More at Android Authority

It makes a lot of sense for Google to release Android L for Nexus 4 phones. I can't imagine why they'd bother running it internally on those devices if they weren't going to release it. It would be a waste of time and energy to do so.

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