Netflix is finally coming to Linux

In today's open source roundup: Soon you'll be able to enjoy Netflix without hacks of any kind. Plus: A writer at The Verge loves Linux but doesn't use it, and five reasons why government organizations should embrace open source

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services ever, but it's always been a headache for Linux users to enjoy it on their computers. Watching Netflix has always required a variety of hacks to get it working properly. Now it looks like those days are over, according to a senior Netflix engineer.

According to Ubuntu Mailing List:

Netflix will play with Chrome stable in 14.02 if NSS version 3.16.2 or

greater is installed. If this version is generally installed across

14.02, Netflix would be able to make a change so users would no longer

have to hack their User-Agent to play.

What is the process of getting a new NSS version into the update

stream? Or can somebody please provide me with the right contact?


-Paul from Netflix

More at Ubuntu Mailing ListHat tip: TechCrunch

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This is great news for Netflix customers that use Linux, and it's long overdue. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a few weeks at the soonest before Linux users will be able to take advantage of this change.

If you want to watch Netflix on Linux in the meantime, here are some articles with information on how to do it:

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A writer at The Verge loves Linux

The Verge has a love letter to Linux from a writer that doesn't even use it.

According to The Verge:

Linux is doing just fine right now, and it's not going anywhere. The idea that just five people in the world use it — a notion that holds some pretty unfortunate sway — is patently false. Nevermind that it basically won mobile... globally. Technically. So I want fawning coverage of the next kernel release. We should have lengthy Voxsplainers on why Tux is the Linux mascot. And we really need more love from mainstream developers, because Netflix is just a start and emulators aren't enough. Linux matters. Period.

More at The Verge

It's great to see such positive comments from a writer even if he doesn't use Linux as his daily operating system. He sees the value of Linux, and he's very glad that it's around. Given the negative portrayal of desktop Linux in the media sometimes, it was very refreshing to bump into this column on The Verge.

You can also take a poll about which Linux distro you use at the bottom of the article. I voted for Debian, but it looks like Ubuntu is way ahead of everything else, with more than 50% of the vote as I write this.

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