Why you shouldn't dump Android for the iPhone 6

In today's Android roundup: Should you dump Android for the iPhone 6? No, absolutely not and here's why. Plus: Ten Android features that still beat iOS 8, and Android L versus iOS 8

The release of Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has caused a media avalanche of stories about Android users considering a switch to iOS. But does that really make any sense or are some Android users in danger of falling for a bunch of Apple hype? India Today thinks Android users should avoid switching to the iPhone 6, and it lists reasons why Android is still a better bet for most users.

According to India Today:

So, should you give up your Android phablet? Or should you buy the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus because it has the large screen?

We think no. There are still a lot of things that an Android phone does best. We tell you about some areas where good Android phones still beat iPhones.

1. Android phones have sharper screens.

2. Android Phones have more RAM.

3. Android phones are cheaper.

4. Android offers more choices.

5. Android KitKat and Android L are great.

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The article lists some compelling reasons why users should continue to stick with Android. If I had to pick the most important one, I'd probably go with choices. With Android you get far more options for hardware, and you have much more direct control over your software as well. With Apple you get what they give you inside their walled garden unless you go to the trouble of jailbreaking your iPhone 6.

Ten Android features that still beat iOS 8

PCWorld lists ten Android features that make it a better deal than Apple's iOS 8.

According to PCWorld:

Apple's new iOS 8 may have blatantly appropriated some of Android's marquee features—like the Notifications panel and support for third-party keyboards—but it still misses some of what Android users love about the mobile operating system. Your Apple-using friends may try to rub your nose in their shiny new version of iOS on their shiny new iPhone, so here are ten features that Android has that you can retort with. (And of course, don't forget to remind them that Android L is coming soon, and that will have even more features to boast about.)

1. Better app management.

2. Widgets on Home and Lock screens.

3. Total interface customization.

4. Transit directions in Maps.

5. Easy split-screen multitasking.

6. Individual user profiles for tablets.

7. NFC available for more than tap-to-pay.

8. Keep music, movies and more on MicroSD card.

9. More phone security options.

10. Installing apps from the web - or anywhere.

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