Has Microsoft redeemed itself?

Windows 7, the 2010 server series, and more have helped repair Microsoft’s reputation

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But the issues across the 2010 products' beta versions mean that Microsoft has to deliver strong quality in the final versions to preserve that good feeling.

Meanwhile, there's still that contingent of users who hate the ribbon UI in Office and Windows 7, whom Microsoft has no intention of pleasing. And there are some developers disappointed with recent developments regarding Oslo, which recently was renamed SQL Server Modeling and repositioned more as a technology for use with the SQL Server databases. "We're really disappointed about its becoming just a data modeling application," says Chevron's Gordon. The original vision, he said, was modeling for application architecture, but that "seems to have gone by the wayside," so Chevron is "going to have to look elsewhere for modeling capabilities for architects and developers."

Well, you can't please everyone. At least Microsoft is now pleasing more than not.

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