TurnKey Linux brings speedy, small-scale migration to the cloud

Powered by Amazon S3, TKLBAM system seeks to boost cloud flexibility and mobility with fast, 'magical' backup

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The caveat: TurnKey may be overstating the system's ability to function as a cloud-migration solution. For starters, although the aforementioned demo may be impressive, one wonders how well the system would handle several gigabytes' worth of data.

Further, for the time being, the system does not support other public clouds outside of Amazon's or any private clouds. Support for private Hub instances (such as behind the firewall in a private cloud) may be a future feature, Siri speculates -- and larger organizations will likely require it before embracing the solution.

Achieving enterprise-level, data-center-oriented backup and migration is a huge challenge, one that has yet to be fully achieved. VMware has taken a step toward managing multitenant private clouds with vCloud Director, which lets you create "virtual data centers," service catalogs, and "organizations" (tenants). Said tenants can provision services from the catalog and allocate CPU, storage, and networks for tenants to use.

TKLBAM looks promising for smaller-scale deployments and may evolve into something the enterprise can embrace. The company is accepting requests for invitations to use the new system. For more information, go the TurnKey website.

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