The IT revolution that isn't

Cloud, mobile, and the consumerization of IT are conspiring to change everything -- but as with all else in enterprise IT, it's going to take a long time

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Some pundits argue the desktop doesn't matter anymore -- and that recent PC sales numbers show a decline year over year, while sales of tablets and smartphones have skyrocketed . But have you ever tried doing heads-down work without a real keyboard? When you come down to it, mobile devices add new capability -- they don't replace much in the way of existing desktop functionality.

The real change is happening in the data center as a consequence of virtualization. Vastly increased agility and efficiency in the private cloud has already resulted in admins being laid off -- but is that a revolution? Or just the next step in automation? And if you decide to turn to the public cloud for your infrastructure, be aware that you may need to hire cloud specialists even as you lay off admins, as InfoWorld's Matt Prigge observes in his post today.

Don't get me wrong. I think this is a thrilling time in IT -- and over the long haul, the consumerization of IT will have tremendous impact. But as the uber-pundit Paul Saffo famously said: "Never mistake a clear view for a short distance."

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