What IBM's purchase of Cast Iron means

IBM makes another enterprise middleware acquisition to fill an enterprise hole -- expect more to come

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Cast Iron's move to integration-as-a-service was a bit perplexing to me, with Boomi and others already in that space. However, with everyone "cloudwashing," I suspect the temptation for Cast Iron was just too great. Also, that may have been why IBM bought the company. I view Cast Iron's core competitors to be Boomi, Pervasive Software, and DataDirect, along with a few other smaller players such as JitterBit and BlueWolf, all mostly second-generation application integration players.

Is Cast Iron a good acquisition for IBM? Time will have to tell. It clearly offers features that IBM did not have, which is always good for a purchase. Right now the list of IBM acquisitions is rather long, and the company can now check off the integration-as-a-service box.

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