Why Microsoft pulling KB 2889866 OneDrive for Business patch is good news

Botched KB 2889866 was yanked one day after it was issued, restoring a modicum of trust in Microsoft's patching process

September's Update Tuesday included a bunch of Office patches, in addition to the slew of Windows patches (and two feature enhancements) I blogged about earlier today. As is so often the case, one of those Office patches is broken. But in a radical departure from recent past experiences, Microsoft not only identified the problem before widespread panic had spread, the folks on the Office Sustained Engineering team pulled the patch less than 24 hours after it was released.

Whoever's minding the Office patching process this month deserves a big pat on the back and two attaboys -- or attagirls. In the past few months we've seen major updates followed by hundreds of online complaints and days and days of denial and hand-wringing before the botched patches are ultimately pulled. Not so with the September KB 2889866 OneDrive for Business patch -- the Office Sustained Engineering team not only identified the problem before it showed up in any of the usual complaint forums, it moved swiftly and decisively to take the bad patch out of circulation.

That's exactly how things should work, if we're to regain some modicum of trust in Microsoft's patching ability.

Microsoft describes two separate problems like this:

Assume that you use OneDrive for Business to synchronize a library. When you try to synchronize another user's library by clicking the Sync to a new library button, you receive the following error message:

We couldn't sync this library.

We couldn't set up this library for you because of a server or list configuration problem. If this keeps happening, please contact your administrator. Once this issue has been resolved you can try setup again.

Assume that you move the location of the Favorites (Links) folder to a network share. When you synchronize a new library by using OneDrive for Business, the OneDrive for Business link is not added to the network share, and the link does not appear in the Favorites list in the Windows Explorer navigation pane.

Admittedly, the response wasn't perfect. There's no indication whether those who have the bad patch should uninstall KB 2889866. OneDrive for Business customers would also undoubtedly appreciate a few words about what causes the problem (if indeed the cause is known). But on a scale from 1 to 10, where Microsoft's botched patching response has frequently dipped into the sub-sub-zero range, this one's a "9" at the very least.

Good on ya.

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