In Brief: Rogue Wave Software partners with Sun

Eclipse announces TPTP Release 3.2; W3C issues XInclude 1.0; MySQL announces new affordable consulting packages; NetSuite integrates with WorldPay to boost e-commerce

Rogue Wave Software and Sun Microsystems have formed an alliance intended to help enterprises quickly and easily migrate legacy applications to Sun's Solaris 10 OS. The agreement calls for Rogue Wave to port and certify its enterprise C++ development toolkits including SourcePro Core, SourcePro Net, SourcePro DB, SourcePro Analysis, and Rogue Wave LEIF on Solaris 10 for both Sparc- and AMD Opteron-based systems. These tools are particularly aimed at helping help developers in the financial services, telecommunications, and government sectors to migrate existing Windows apps and develop new applications on Solaris 10.

Eclipse announces TPTP Release 3.2
December 23, 6:08 a.m. PST
The Eclipse Foundation, which hosts community based open-source projects, has announced that the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Release 3.2 is now available on the Eclipse Foundation's Web site. TPTP is an open-source, collaborative project that offers a platform for the construction of interoperable test and performance tools. The TPTP Project is an evolution of the previous Eclipse 'Hyades' Project. TPTP 3.2 provides significant enhancements to the platform's user interface, data-collection, and Java tracing system, as well as simplified test deployment. Details of the Eclipse TPTP Project are available at

W3C issues XInclude 1.0
December 21, 7:38 a.m. PST
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) this week published XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation. XInclude provides a generic mechanism for merging XML documents into a single composite document, simplifying the creation and management of information components and making it easier to reuse information. XInclude 1.0 can be used with any version of XML, as well as other existing XML-related specs. To learn more, visit the W3C's Web site at

MySQL announces new affordable consulting packages
December 17, 9:23 a.m. PST
MySQL this week made available three new consulting packages that aim to help IT departments quickly design and implement open source database systems. The packages feature MySQL-certified senior consultants who work at customer sites for short-term engagements and provide in-depth application analysis as well as recommendations on application design, performance optimization, and help with migrating legacy databases to MySQL. The packages are MySQL Architecture & Design, which offers two days consulting for $5,000; MySQL Performance Tuning & Optimization, which provides three days for $7,500; and MySQL Migration Jumpstart, which includes five days consulting for $10,000. MySQL also provides longer-term, customized consulting services. For more information visit

NetSuite integrates with WorldPay to boost e-commerce
December 17, 7:35 a.m. PST
NetSuite has unveiled the availability of multicurrency credit card processing for its e-commerce customers. The new feature was made possible by integration, announced this week, between NetSuite and WorldPay, which is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. NetSuite's e-commerce capability enables companies to transact business on the Web while automatically linking into internal customer relationship management, financial, and warehouse systems. With the new multicurrency credit card processing feature, NetSuite e-commerce customers can now accept credit card payments in 120 currencies and receive settlement in 14 currencies. More information about NetSuite e-commerce is available at