Crossroads to develop intelligent iSCSI storage

Systems will be based on iVivity's iDiSXsilicon technology

Crossroads Systems has announced it is collaborating with iVivity to develop new gateway and intelligent iSCSI storage systems. The new products will provide intelligent Crossroads storage routing software in a hardware platform based on iVivity's iDiSXsilicon technology.

“Crossroads´ strategic partnership with iVivity will expand our planned iSCSI product offerings for the delivery of intelligence to storage resources at the network’s edge,” said Rob Sims, president and CEO of Crossroads Systems. “Customers will benefit from advanced data management features in affordable iSCSI-based solutions with performance and scalability that rivals many enterprise-level solutions.”

IVivity's iDiSX architecture is designed to reduce the complexity of designing storage systems. The company's storage network processor allows storage applications to offload data processing functions to the network. Crossroads develops storage routing technology and the new products are designed to deliver advanced software features that will increase backup performance over traditional SCSI connections and centralize and consolidate storage resources for data sharing among multiple servers.  Crossroads makes data routing products that are used in storage systems from Hewlett-Packard, EMC, and StorageTek. The companies did not indicate when products based on the collaboration would be available.