iWay Software enters EIM fray

New enterprise information management suite springs out of company's ETL, integration past

Building on its ETL and integration history, iWay Software brought forth this week a new enterprise information management suite and two add-on products that expand the EIM capabilities.

The company designed the EIM suite itself to serve as the platform on top of which products, beginning with the new DQC (Data Quality Center) and MDC (Master Data Center), will function.

"This is part of our overall lifecycle of information management strategy not just in specialized scenarios but for any type of interaction," said Dave Watson, iWay COO. "We built the capabilities for MDM and data quality into an ESB."

Thus, iWay says, the suite will be capable of integrating a variety of content, including federated data, information residing in a data warehouse, e-mail, documents, and information within applications, such as CRM and ERP.

The DQC product can be used to evaluate, monitor, and manage data quality to ultimately clean the data downstream before it enters the system. And MDC can help customers consolidate records as well as unify and validate master data, the company said.

Embedding such capabilities into its ESB marks "a turn-around from traditional approaches," Philip Howard, research director of data management at Bloor Research wrote in an analysis of iWay's EIM. "Other vendors in this space primarily started as batch vendors and now offer real-time or near-real-time extensions but they are still basically batch products."

As iWay's Watson explained, for the past 10 years the company has focused primarily on supplying adaptors and middleware for integration purposes, but for the last two years has been working to create business offerings that build on that integration expertise. And the EIM suite marks the beginning of a strategy that the company intends to broaden in time. "We're looking at building a data governance offering next," Watson adds.