Product previews

Clearwell extracts smarts from e-mail, Data Domain builds on backup box, Google extends Mini search appliance, Mozilla ships Thunderbird 1.5 e-mail client

Clearwell extracts intelligence from e-mail
Clearwell Systems this week is launching its ­company and its first product, an e-mail analysis platform designed to organize data in e-mail and automate regulatory compliance investigations and legal discovery processes. Going beyond e-mail archiving, the Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform analyzes the unique properties of e-mail, combines the analysis with organizational data, and applies linguistic and statistical analysis algorithms to extract intelligence from e-mail messages and attachments. The product serves up the data in personalized dashboards and features a visual display of discussion threads and e-mail-specific search.
Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform, Clearwell Systems

Data Domain builds on backup box
Data Domain’s DD400 Enterprise Series Restorer appliance combines the ease and reliability of disk-to-disk backup with incredible compression ratios, earning it excellent marks in our May 2005 review ( Now, the company is introducing a virtual tape interface for the DD400, called the Data Domain VTi option, which allows storage administrators to mimic their traditional tape backups. VTi emulates as many as 47 active LTO (Linear Tape Open) drives and supports 1Gb and 2Gb Fibre Channel links.
Data Domain VTi, Data Domain

Google’s Mini search appliance scours more documents
Aiming to help SMBs conquer data overload, Google has released two new versions of its Mini search appliance, which double and triple the existing appliance’s capacity. A 200,000 document search capacity Mini is available for $5,995, and a 300,000 document capacity version costs $8,995. The Google Mini can index more than 220 file types, including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Office. New Mini customers can order the expanded models online, and current customers can upgrade by purchasing more capacity.
Google Mini, Google

Mozilla ships Thunderbird 1.5 e-mail client
Mozilla has released the latest version of its open source e-mail client, featuring improved security, automatic updating, and end-user enhancements. Among the new security features in Thunderbird 1.5 are Kerberos authentication and integration with server-side spam filtering. The new client also includes a built-in phishing detector to help protect users against e-mail scams. Improvements to the user experience include auto-saving of e-mails in progress as drafts and automatic spell checking. Thunderbird 1.5 also has new support for podcasting and improvements to how the client deals with RSS feeds.
Thunderbird 1.5, Mozilla