Product previews

SPI Dynamics consolidates security assessment, SPSS tunes Clementine for business ops, Password Vault tackles service accounts, JotSpot puts the Wiki to Excel

SPI Dynamics Consolidates Security Assessment
SPI dynamics today released AMP (Assessment Management Platform) 2.0, a central management system for its suite of application vulnerability assessment solutions. Designed to unify the management of the company’s security testing tools, AMP 2.0 currently works only with WebInspect 5.8, controlling access to WebInspect scanners and to the information they produce. When integration among AMP and the QAInspect and DevInspect products arrives during the first half of 2006, AMP will provide a view of security assessment information for applications in development, testing, and production. WebInspect 5.8 is a free upgrade for existing customers.
AMP 2.0, SPI Dynamics

SPSS Tunes Clementine for Business Ops
SPSS continues to beef up the business analytics features in Clementine 10, its data-mining workbench. The new version promises benefits to CRM, marketing, and other business applications. For example, a new anomaly detection algorithm, designed to uncover unusual events or inconsistencies in data, should boost analysts in fraud detection, revenue assurance, and tax compliance, while new “feature selection” capabilities -- which help to determine which data attributes are most important and least important to a given analysis -- should simplify predictive modeling in CRM and marketing applications.
Clementine 10, SPSS

Password Vault Tackles Service Accounts
Cyber-Ark Software has upgraded its Enterprise Password Vault security software with the capability of managing application-to-application passwords, also known as service account passwords. These service account passwords are difficult to manage because they are often hard-coded within applications, making password reset a complex process. Enterprise Password Vault creates a centralized management infrastructure to secure administrative and service account passwords. The Central Password Manager module allows organizations to change passwords automatically on remote machines and to store the new passwords in Enterprise Password Vault.
Enterprise Password Vault, Cyber-Ark Software

JotSpot Puts the Wiki to Excel
JotSpot last week introduced JotSpot Tracker, a Web-based service that transforms a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into an interactive wiki site. The service allows users to cut and paste an Excel spreadsheet directly onto a secure JotSpot Web site so that anyone within an organization can view and edit the information.
JotSpot Tracker, JotSpot