Network policing at wire speed

Nevis LANenforcer handles end-point security and threat defense in custom hardware

The new line of LANenforcer products from Nevis Networks takes a hardware-based approach to network user access and policy enforcement. Based on Nevis’ “massively parallel” LANsecure architecture, LANenforcer is designed to provide a “personal DMZ” around each network user by combining comprehensive access control with defense against both known and unknown threats.

Similar in concept to ConSentry’s Secure LAN Controller , LANenforcer installs transparently between your users and the central wiring closet and uses custom ASICs to perform packet inspection and policy enforcement without injecting any noticeable latency into the system. Available with 12, 24, or 48 10/100/1000 ports, LANenforcer appliances can handle from 25 users and 1.2Gbps of throughput as many as 1,000 users and 10Gbps.

LANenforcer identifies each user on the network based on user ID and the MAC address of the device he or she is using, and also determines the applications in use. When a user connects to the LAN, a security scan is initiated to check for operating system and patch level, up-to-date anti-virus signatures, and anti-spyware applications, for example. For users or systems that violate a policy or fail the end-point security and configuration check, quarantining is immediate and swift. However, although noncompliant users can be directed to a remediation page, in this first release an administrator must manually move the quarantined system back into general circulation.

LANenforcer’s clientless end-point access control mechanism does slow down the initial log-on process a little, but it can go a long way toward preventing “out of date” systems from accessing the network and spreading infection.

Nevis LANenforcer

Nevis Networks

Cost: Nevis 1000 Series starts at $12,995; Nevis 2000 Series starts at $34,995

Available: First quarter 2006