Product Previews

Alcatel eyes the future with new 10Gb Ethernet switches, Ping taps SAML 2.0 for federated identity management, NetIQ manages compliance risks, CodeMesh provides common ground for Java and C++

Alcatel flips the switch on 10Gb Ethernet

Alcatel next month will throw its hat into the 10-Gigabit Ethernet ring with the debut of its OmniSwitch 9000 line. The enterprise datacenter-targeted 10Gb Ethernet switches address the need for better QoS, scalability, security, and VoIP support. The OmniSwitch 9700 has a 10-slot chassis, and the 9800 has an 18-slot chassis; components on both are hot swappable and fully redundant. The switches have built-in support for IPv4, IPv6, multicasting, and server clustering and high-availability features. OmniSwitch 9000 chassis prices range from $3,995 to $23,995; a 24-port 10/100/1000Gb Ethernet blade is $7,995; a two-port 10Gb Ethernet blade (without optics) is $10,495.

OmniSwitch 9000 Alcatel

Ping taps SAML 2.0 for federated ID management
Ping Identity has released PingFederate Version 3.0, a federated identity management server featuring support for the SAML 2.0 authentication standard. The server is designed to provide Web single sign-on and log-out, as well as attribute exchange. PingFederate 3.0’s configuration console walks administrators through the entire configuration process. The Enterprise Deployment Architecture feature connects internal and external security domains to the same server, allowing central management of configurations, partner relationships, and audit logs.
PingFederate 3.0 Ping Identity

NetIQ manages compliance
NetIQ next month will release a Web-based console designed to help executives know whether their company’s IT systems are meeting compliance regulations and security requirements. The NetIQ Risk and Compliance Centerreports security and regulatory compliance metrics through executive-level overviews and more granular drill-down views. To demonstrate compliance, the console provides template mapping to key regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. The Risk and Compliance Center presents information in charts, graphs, and executive summaries, and offers the ability to customize views. Prices start at $40,000.
NetIQ Risk and Compliance Center NetIQ

CodeMesh links Java, C++ development
CodeMesh has released an upgrade to its JunC++ion product, which makes it possible to publish C++ versions of Java products. Version 3.0 of JunC++ion features enhanced platform portability and boosts deployment flexibility. A configuration API allows users to build self-contained integration solutions. New compilers and platforms have also been added to boost porting.
JunC++ion 3.0 CodeMesh