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Foundry drives VoIP with FastIron switch, Alcatel expands WAN options, NetScout gets smart about network performance, MetricStream boosts SOX compliance

Foundry drives VoIP with FastIron switch

Foundry Networks gives enterprise VoIP another push with the unveiling of its FastIron Edge X-Series 424-PoE switch, which combines PoE (Power over Ethernet) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet to help streamline VoIP migration, as well as aid Wi-Fi deployments. The newest FastIron family member boasts 24 ports of 10/100/1000 PoE with four-port combo GbE; each PoE port is 802.3af compliant. The X-Series 424-PoE also supports several Layer 2 protocols, with the option to include more advanced Layer 3 routing protocols; QoS features include voice, data, and application traffic prioritization. The switch is available now, with pricing from $6,995 to $13,485 depending on model.

FastIron Edge X-Series 424-PoE Switch Foundry Networks Alcatel expands WAN options

Casting an eye toward better network performance at the edge, Alcatel recently introduced its OmniAccess 600 line of WAN routers: the OmniAccess 601 and 602, with one and two ports, respectively; the four-port 604; and the 625 chassis, which supports as many as 16 T1/E1 ports or two T3/E3 ports. The routers have built-in 10/100 ports, QoS features, and a “virtual Ethernet” technology allowing users in multiple physical locations to work on a single network. All models include VPNs, stateful inspection firewalls, SSH, and host integrity checking. Pricing ranges from $995 for the OmniAccess 601 to $6,490 for the OmniAccess 625 with eight T1/E1 ports.

OmniAccess WAN Routers Alcatel NetScout gets smart about network performance

NetScout has released nGenius Performance Manager Standby Server, designed to deliver high-availability to network and application performance management architecture during disruptive events. The Standby Server maintains a frequently updated, replicated copy of the primary server’s performance data and configuration settings so that if the primary becomes unavailable, admins can quickly enable the standby. The Standby Server also shows which systems and apps are online and which sites and users are able to continue to conduct business.

nGenius Performance Manager Standby Server NetScout MetricStream boosts SOX compliance

MetricStream has released an updated version of its Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance solution, adding a library of more than 1,500 tests for automating app-level controls testing in ERP systems. Updated modules include MetricStream Design, which allows users to differentiate process-level controls as application, general IT, or manual. The MetricStream Assess module automates the testing of process-level application controls and reports integrated results for the test.

MetricStream MetricStream