Reconnex revs slip spotter

Reconnex iGuard gains beefier hardware and stronger analysis tools for battling the insider threat

Workers don’t have to expose confidential data deliberately to do harm; often such information slips out inadvertently in an e-mail note or a file attachment. Reconnex iGuard diligently monitors e-mail and other communications channels (like IM and FTP), discovering security and compliance risks and intellectual property leaks.

Released today, iGuard 2.1 frames these objects in dashboards, easing data analysis. New executive-level summaries chart problems, such as the number of incidents that violate HR information policies. Dashboards also have user and policy-level permissions, which limit displays to just those areas each person has authority to view.

These high-level presentations form stepping stones for analysts who must drill down to details -- a process that’s also more usable in this release. iGuard 2.1 makes determining the source and severity of threats much easier. For example, new DHCP Host-Name Resolution automatically matches IP addresses to machine names and ultimately to specific users.

Search also has improved. iGuard’s auto-complete search form speeds creating complex inquiries -- no need to learn a special syntax. In mere seconds you can search for all correspondence containing credit card numbers that was sent to a specific country (thanks to geographic IP address resolution).

iGuard 2.1’s underlying hardware also gets a significant boost. The new iGuard 1600, 3600, and 5600 appliances are all 64-bit architecture; the latter two ship with 8GB of memory. One immediate benefit of the hardware boost is real-time scans of PDF attachments. Finally, the solution fits better within the overall enterprise by integrating it with other apps, such as security information management systems.

Reconnex iGuard Release 2.1
Cost: $70,000; free software upgrade for existing customers
Available: Nov. 28